Satellite Screen Printing is excited to announce that we will soon be serving the Palm Bay area for custom printed goods! As of Monday, August 6th, we are in our new location on Commerce Park Dr.

Finally, after our first year in business, we will be making the jump into a bigger and brighter facility as we continue to grow. While we have enjoyed our time in Satellite Beach and will deeply miss our proximity to the waves, we look forward to what our new location will have to offer and what we will be able to offer our new home in terms of customized shirts and other screen printed goods!

For us, this means the ability to expand and grow SSP further as we make room for new equipment that will better help us to print some out of this world custom shirts!


Our new address: 2330 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 4 in Palm Bay

We also have a new number! Reach us at 321-317-0584


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