Here at Satellite Screen Printing, we recognize the importance of doing our part to keep our planet happy and healthy. In the screen printing industry, finding sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly products that offer the high quality printing we strive for can be difficult to come by. Many inks, adhesives, and even packing materials contain harsh chemicals that can lead to pollution of the air, soil, and water. Being beach bum Floridians, we like to do our part to keep our land and oceans sparkly clean and thriving!

Being eco friendly has become an increasingly popular cause and justly so! It is so important that we all do our part to take initiative and make the world a better place. At SSP we are proud to say that we go above and beyond to offer custom printed products and services that are not only high quality, but also extremely environmentally conscious.

From treating our waste water to recycling ink buckets, we put the work in so that you can have peace of mind knowing what you order from our company is as gentle as possible on our planet. We even go so far as to offer clothing products that are made from recycled polyester, sustainably sourced in America, or even made with organic cotton! And rest assured, you will not have to sacrifice quality in order to get sustainable, custom printed goods. And the organic tag doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, either! New products from some of our favorites brands, including the ultra soft and fashionable Next Level Apparel, are beginning to bring in more earth friendly products for us to print your custom designs on.

If you haveĀ an interest in making your next custom shirt order as green (literally or figuratively!) as possible, give us a call or shoot us an email! Our screen printers will be happy to help you to help our planet and get you into some awesome, earth friendly, screen printed shirts.

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