If you haven’t already seen the super awesome Crossfit workout gear that we have printed, prepare to be dazzled!

Custom printed workout gear is available through Satellite Screen Printing! This goes out to all of you gym owners, personal trainers, yoga teachers, and fitness instructors out there, we can put your name on so many exciting things! Aside from the awesome moisture wicking tees we have available to print on, we also offer our printing services on compression shorts, pants, and shirts. We don’t stop there, either! We also have a wide range of fashionable yoga pants, tank tops, and sweatshirts that would look amazing with your gym logo on it!

Our screen printing methods guarantee longevity of the print as well. Stretchy material is no match for our inks! Your products will look clean and sharp for years to come without the potential of the inks cracking or fading over time.

If you’re wondering how popular custom printed workout gear might be for your gym, we can vouch for the success. In the past few months, we have done multiple jobs for Crossfit gyms and yoga studios throughout Brevard and they have been wildly successful! Being able to represent your favorite local workout spot is something that people of all ages take advantage of so take the chance and give your members the opportunity to show off where they’re getting their muscles!

Give us a call or email and we will turn your workout digs into wearable merchandise!

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