Some of you might read this and groan, others might read this and rejoice. Going back to school had always been exciting for me growing up, mostly because it meant I got to be a part of my extracurricular clubs and the school band again. Geeky, I know, but something about being surrounded by like-minded peers made me feel so valued and encouraged to keep doing the things that I loved. Especially when we were able to represent that undying love for whatever we were into that year with matching t-shirts! Those took our clubs from a quaint gathering of students to a unified army of adolescents!

Here at Satellite Screen Printing, we want you to feel that same confidence when representing your favorite facets of school. Whether you’re rocking your favorite mascot, the school swim team, or your after school club, we will make you look awesome. With SSP, you have the ability to print not only on shirts but also workout gear, professional polos, hoodies, tote bags and more. We offer state of the art printing services that allow us to work on many high quality, fashionable products. We are also able to offer large scale printing, meaning we can get you custom printed shirts for your entire school! So, wherever your school spirit lies, we have you covered. Give us a call or email and we will work with you to create something your whole class can be proud of. Have a great school year!

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